welcoming 2013!!

hello from afar! the world is an interacting bubble of blogs so instead of fighting against it, after many years of the wow and how….I’m joining my fellow bloggians with a new outlook in a new 2013!

i intend for my love of life to pour into my blog page. a little about me is what you guys will get AND aside from the anxiety of allowing people into my head, i’m a bit excited! so, prepare yourself to not be prepared for the same day in day out posts! random. that is what this blog page will consist of. entertaining random from a woman, who is a mother to four little girls, a loving wife to a tall husband, a sister to many siblings, a photographer, an artist with many different mediums, a Facebook poster, a defiant against the tweeting, an exceptional cook, an overly compulsive organizer, a pinterest pinner, amazon wishlister and so much more.

so….if you haven’t already buckled in and started following – – – i would make that your very next move.
feel free to share and comment.

– heather

photo by fast forward photography.com l Heather Baxter

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