the little red book ...

okay, so my life is extremely busy and my brain is ten times busier coming up with ideas “AWARD WINNING MONEY MAKING IDEAS” all the time, which happen to pretty much drift away into never never land due to cooking, cleaning, working, story telling, dog walking, swing pushing, and of course running around like a hamster after drinking a double shot Espresso Con Panna.

so……!!!!!! i’m excited to share with you the little red book! this little red book is the key to adding a sense of control back into my big frenzied brain. i figure this will be a fun way to keep my ideas and thoughts in tact so I can reminisce and recollect my thoughts at any time i wish.

you could try it too:

1.) just find a tiny journal
(mine has blank pages so I can draw in it too)

2.) write down any interesting thoughts.
for example: invention ideas, poetry, slogans, song lyrics,
tattoo designs, logo designs, new recipes, book ideas,
word definitions, places you’d like to travel to, goals,
baby names, new songs you really like, foreign lang.,
good deeds you’ve done, funny jokes, websites you just
just can’t live without, most memorable dates with your
special someone, and the list goes on and on.

*i’m clicking my heels with excitement over my little red book*


(photo by l Heather Baxter)

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