hello my fellow bloggians…

welcome to my BLOG. i wanted to give you a tiny insight to the brain behind the blog. my name is heather, i am a mommy to four fantastic fun little girls; ages 12, 11, 8, and 5. i know….it is most definitely the estrogen ocean in my house! i have been a mother for twelve years, i have battled life  with the best of them. hardships have done everything but keep me down. in fact it’s helped me to be the person i am today. i am married to the one man in this world who can make me want to yell and kiss him in the same moment. he is my button pusher and without him, my life would be a little less interesting. who am i in the short version: i cook. i clean. i’m completely ocd. i pin. i craft. i click the camera button. i teach. i laugh. i learn. i love. i listen. i am above all these things,  a woman who wants to continue reaching her personal goals, a mother and wife who can accept and change her own faults, and be able to share my inspiration and thoughts with you.




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