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job search should be allowed on resumes

Good afternoon my fellow blog lovers across the world. I am going to have a rant blog today and we are going to discuss how much of a pain in the ass job searching is!! Yes, I just said the bad word that I tell my children not to say. 

I’m sitting here in my living room with my legs crossed on the over sized chair across from the television, eating cheese dip and salsa, and feeling the warmth coming from my roaring fireplace that I in some magical way have kept it going now for several hours. I have given up momentarily on my job search; I just needed a breather from search engines, cover letters, resumes, salary requirements, benefit packages, and job skills, So, here I am stuffing my face with salsa that I believe was made with fire, just so I can feel something other than anxiety and the urge to jump ship. Looking for a new job or a new career path is not the marshmallow in my hot cocoa. I have been self employed for quite some time and I love it. I want more though and I need more stimulation and challenge in my life. So, on top of being a mother and homemaker and entrepreneur, I have decided to go back into the workforce.

I cannot believe how time consuming looking for a job is today. I say this like I have been around for ages and I’m only in my early thirties. Resumes today are filled with fluff and verbiage that employers just don’t care about. To be honest so many employers care about  being bilingual and having a bachelors degree, not matter what the degree is and then the pay is so low that I don’t understand how someone could live off of the salary that these employers are wanting to pay. Don’t get me wrong, a job is a job and I am in no way a nose pointing money hungry better than. I’m frugal and I make life work with what I have.  But, when you are actively searching for a job – it is a full time job in itself. I have been on the “hunt” since last Friday and I haven’t done my laundry, washed my sheets, eaten a meal with my family, shaved my legs, or even gone to the grocery store. I am full fledged deep inside the job market and completely obsessed. 

Just the other night, my husband I were spending time together hanging out in the kitchen after the kids went to bed and what was I doing? I WAS ON MY PHONE SEARCHING FOR JOBS AND EMAILING THEM TO MYSELF FOR FOLLOW UP THE NEXT DAY! My poor sweet husband just looked at me, sighed a little, and I eventually put down the phone and breathed a little. So, yes I think that we should put “job search” on our resumes; at least for those who just won’t give up like myself. 

I promise to give myself a night off from job searching tonight. No I promise to only spend two hours tonight researching job opportunities. That’s fair, right? 🙂 Thanks for listening and perhaps I will be on this evening to give you a new blog with something less rant and more fun.

…..til we blog again – Heather


who am I?

Have you ever had those days where you wake, sit up from your stack of pillows, stretch your arms out wide and know that today is going to be an off day for you? I have those days more and more lately. It is bound to happen when you busy yourself day in and day out year after year and lose yourself in the process of making others happy. I have children. Sometimes it feels like I have an army of children or as some have told me “a small girls basketball team”. I have a 13 year old I’ve raised on my own most of her life. I have two step daughters age 12 and 9, I’ve raised for over the past seven years now. And, then my 6 year old who I swear is a much cuter clone of myself. Each four of my girls have personalities all of their own and I do love them all so very very much.

Now it’s time to scream. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The same story travels worldwide for mothers in every neighborhood, in every grocery store, in every shopping mall. We lose ourselves a little each day by being the best parents to our children and the best wives to our spouses. We spend our days making grocery lists, washing laundry, preparing lunches and snacks, playing taxi to doctor appointments and extracurricular activities, finding missing socks, kissing boo-boos, reading books, snuggling in tiny beds to holding little hands, wiping runny noses, helping with homework, making dinners, running to the store for toilet paper because no one bothered to mention that they used the last roll, and so much more. Why do we do these things? Because we love our families. Because we have dedicated selflessly to ensure a loving and happy life for our children. We think that if we give ourselves any extra attention, that it will take a precious moment away from the little loves of our life. It’s a fear of being selfish and us mommy’s are not built to be selfish, right? I have been this way my whole life; thinking of others and bringing joy to those I brought into this world and love with every ounce of my soul. 

Do you know what happens when we only love our families? We lose love for ourselves. We forget that we need to love ourselves too.

Here are the things that I used to do for myself before children: pedicures, manicures, hair highlights and color from a salon and not from a box, my clothes came from department stores and the sizes were single digits, my shoes had heels and not rubber soles, my car had a regular appointment at the car wash, I ate meals at nice restaurants without having to spend half the time in the restroom, my underwear was sexy and I wore bras for appeal not comfort, i slept in when I wanted to, met my friends for drinks, went shopping and bought only myself things, and I could run around naked when I got home from work. 

Here are the things I do now: I wear socks, my nails get filed once a month at best, I mix my own hair color in a bottle and do it in my bathroom, my clothes are either recycled by friends or come with a hefty clearance tag, my clothing size hasn’t been a single digit in over 10 years, my shoes consist of flip flops, sneakers, and slip-on, my van hasn’t seen soap in over 6 months, i eat my meals standing up half the time and a nice restaurant is a pizza buffet on a kids eat free night, my underwear and bras are bought for comfort and lifting, i wake up to little faces saying “mommy”, if I meet my friends it’s at a school function or a child’s birthday party, when I go shopping even if I intend to buy myself something – I wind up finding myself with a my little pony book and stickers, and I’d rather not even be naked in the shower anymore. 

The funny thing is, is that I wouldn’t trade my now for anything. I cannot imagine the life I had before children; no matter how frustrated times can be. The problem is that I & we mothers should stop and remember ourselves. I want to know who I still am and not lose myself anymore. So I have decided to take this beautiful NEW YEAR 2014 and play the mixing game. I’m going to mix it up and combine a little of the old with with current and make new. 

We can have sexy underwear, we can get back to a single digit or at least just a lower digit, we can still be frugal and shop at department stores, we can take once a month and treat ourselves to a pedicure or manicure. Our cars deserve special treatment, right? Why not make it a family event and save money by washing the car with the kids. Let’s pull out those heels and start practicing walking in them again around the house when no one watches. Let’s plan a lunch date with a group of friends without kids and have a little bit of laughter. We can make ourselves go our once a month and buy something without a buggy just for us. Instead of sleeping in, let’s get up a little earlier on the weekends and enjoy the morning with a silent cup of coffee before all the children get up. We can put our make-up on just to do it, because we know it really does make us feel better. 

I want to know me again and I think you do to. So, let’s make a great 2014 together! Let me know if you’re up to the challenge. We can be mommy and ourselves, we just have to mix it up.


i am a terrible blogger*

blogging is fun

i have misplaced my urge to purge words this year. but I’m back and I’m taking names.

So, It must be obvious to many of you…..that I have been OFF the grid for some time now. I suck. I know. I am a terrible blogger. I’ve decided to come back. Redeem my self worth online and know that each day I will post something new even if it’s boring, because I want to socially interact with you guys and let out the rants that keep my brain tied up.

I will see you tomorrow. Lot’s of love. -Heather

i promise have not run away…..i’ve been SICK

tissueboxclipartalright, i know….the pain has been almost unbearable and i’m sorry – i miss you too. i have not run away; i’ve been super sick. it sucks, i do realize this. especially when i have been coughing my frenzied brain off for two weeks now while taking care of a house full of hungry children, a tall husband and two dogs!! i am however on the mend of healthy so i wanted to tell you all that i have my little red book ready with tons of cough syrup induced blog post ideas that i cannot wait to share with you all. happy wednesday everyone!


did someone say delicious? i’ll raise your delicious and add a little cabbage to that

cabage recipe pinterestandblog copyThe BEST cabbage recipe on the planet……

this is my first recipe submission into the blog world and i am so super excited to be able to share it with you. back story? i know you like the back story, so i’ll give you a little insight. i’m 31 years old and i have never eaten or made cooked cabbage. i said it. i know….i should be ashamed of myself and i was until two weeks ago. there i was sitting at home with the children, doing the mom thing and PING goes the light bulb over my head, “i’ve never had cooked cabbage before, ever”. this was in fact WILD to me! see, i LOVE LOVE LOVE food. i love to look at it. i love to cook it. i love to eat it. i love to read about food. i just love food over and over again. so when this epiphany came to me, i was blown away just like you probably are right now. i mean, me of all people not had cooked cabbage. that fact obviously did not stick because i have come up with the best cabbage recipe on the planet.

you say you don’t like cooked cabbage? well, i promise not to give you the green eggs and ham  speech, however…..if my children have fifth helpings of it, then i must be doing something pretty darn delicious in my kitchen, okay. all i ask is that you squawk and gawk at my lovely recipe pictures i actually took time to click. and the steps in which i have come up with to share this yummy in your tummy cooked cabbage recipe.

what you will need recipe cabbage




  • fresh parsley
  • fresh head of cabbage
  • 1/2 cup of butter
  • one bouillon cube
  • 3 cups of water
  • dash of salt & dash of pepper
  • a big pot & lid – cabbage
  • a small pot & lid – broth
  • stove (i had to add the stove in there…ocd and all)

alright, so we have our list of needed items to make the best cooked cabbage on the planet. let’s get started.

cabbage recipe parsley






step 1:

pick a couple handfuls of parsley bunches and set aside.

take the 1/2 cup of butter and melt it in your pot on medium high heat

cabbage recipe boiling water






step 2:

pour the 3 cups of water into the small pot and turn on high heat

*you can add a few pulls of parsley if you’d like, i did

cabbage recipe cabbage and parsley








step 3:

cut the fresh cabbage head into 6-8 sections.

place the cut cabbage sections into the big pot with the melted butter

then add the pulled parsley you had set aside in step 1

cabbage recipe boullion cube






step 4:

place your bouillon cube into the small pot of boiling water and stir occasionally until dissolved

meanwhile, sit/mix up the cabbage and parsley in the big pot with the melted butter. keep the heat on medium low to medium high

*make sure to keep the lid on the big pot of cabbage while it cooks

cabbage recipe bouillon water






step 5:

your bouillon cube should have be dissolved

pour the broth from from the small pot over the cabbage and mix together

cabbage recipe steam it






step 6:

replace the lid to the cabbage pot and put the heat on simmer

the cabbage should simmer for about 30 minutes and then it’s show time

cabbage recipe eat it




* just add a little salt and pepper to taste and there you have it…..delicious cooked cabbage



let’s be pinning buddies

i can’t hide behind the big red p anymore. i must confess. i know we have only know each other for a very short time and i wanted to come clean before either one of us took a another step forward. i’m a pinterest pinner. wow. that wasn’t as hard to say as i thought it would be. please do not judge me for my honesty. instead let’s embrace it and be pinning buddies. it would mean the world to me. don’t worry. we can remain anonymous to one another. i need more interesting influence in my life and pinterest is my passion. and let me say also that if you  have yet to pin on the pinterest….you are in for the treat of your life!

– heather

have you looked under your oven recently? i have and guess what i found…

let me start out by saying…I LOVE TO COOK. there i said it. it’s in the open for the universe to see and know that even when it’s 6 o’clock and i’m tormenting my family because i have to cook dinner….i’m secretly reveling in my awesomeness. that’s right, i am the next top mom chef. lies? no. i don’t think so. more like the secret truth behind the the story of heather, super hero at heart.

what’s with my ranting about my awesome cooking skills? sit down and i’ll tell you. see unlike many of you, i hold the world record for “losing” food under the …..dunn…dunn…dunn…OVEN! shh…..the oven people might hear, so try and contain the excitement for what i am about to speak of.

so i’m cooking. in my groove and doing my thing. and then BHAM, a brussel sprout drops to the floor and what does it do? it rolls. that’s right. it rolls right under the oven of all places. gone. haha. i think to myself….”i can save you brussel sprout”. so i set my bamboo spatula down on the counter and take the all mighty four legged I lost something position. but much to my disbelief, the under oven is CLEAN and free of any brussel spout waiting to be saved and fed to the dog. it’s just as if it had never dropped and rolled under the oven at all. oh man. so i think “boy am i going to have a toot of a brussel sprout stinking up my kitchen next week”. but no. no stinky smell. no brussel sprout. because the oven people captured the dropped brussel sprout and took it away for their people of the oven feast. it’s not just the brussel sprout. it’s all things. they stop at nothing to eat the rolling goods.

i have oven people living under my oven, capturing and eating the food that drops and rolls underneath. i bet you do too. so….what may i ask has rolled under your oven recently?


what's under your oven?

what’s under your oven?