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facebook pagedid you know that Facebook is a wonderful social media to keep up with the how and now in today’s online world of wonderful things? i thought you would. most people have a Facebook page and that does include our parents and some of our grandparents! crazy, right?!? after myspace and the 90’s chat rooms officially became unpopular, Facebook had already soaked in the college crowd and slowly started making their way into every home on your neighborhood street. i am not a social follower by any means and it did take me putting in the extra effort to dive deep into the Facebook world, but i finally did it and it was worth leaving the old shoes behind. i’m a lifestyle photographer and aside from my super hero blog life, i have a Facebook page which links to both my photography website and my artistic abilities. i would love for you to follow me on Facebook. all my fans are genuinely appreciated and i figure, the more – the – merrier.

photography website i love in the internet. i love having an idea pop in my head and having the ability to jump onto the laptop or push a few touch screen buttons on my smartphone and gather unlimited information about whatever it was that peaked my interest. the internet is also VERY HELPFUL when the children ask me a basic elementary question, “like what is a conjunction”, and I pretty much have a lapse in brain function…the internet has proven time and time again to be my most reliable buddy. but let’s forget all that knowledge and get down to what really makes the internet fun and exciting. PICTURES. you cannot deny it. pictures are worth a thousand words. everyone likes a little photo eye candy and it really does make everything more interesting. so that’s why i wanted to share my photography website with you. i’m a photo-journalistic photographer with a massive compassionate and creative side. come check out my website. i designed it myself. i took all the photos. and most importantly, i did it all to share with you. 

pinterest pin

pinning? why yes please. Pinterest is the place to online party with all the diy,crafters, and awesome inventors!! if you want to find anything interesting….you will and so much more on Pinterest. i started pinning in march of 2012; i’ve gotten my friends and family hooked and to be quite honest…….i don’t know what i ever did without the madness of pinning. i’m definitely a more private person, but i have absolutely no problems allowing you to gallivant around my boards and pins. come check out my boards. follow me if you’d like….i would love to have new followers and new pinners to follow!

photography blogoverboard? always! obviously i have a personal funny blog “whatsmomgottodowithit” and i have so much with my blog. i can be open, free, and me. since i have my own photography business, i was told and have read up about having a professional blog that links to your website or business page. so…i did. i created a photography blog which helps inform my clients and eye spy fans on new photography info regarding to my business. for instance, if i have a new special for the month of february…you would want to find it first on my photography blog. i hope to provide photography tips and tricks as well to my business blog site and would love the opportunity to have you follow. i follow back.


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